Jumping Rivers Pre-course material

Attending a Jumping Rivers course

Thank-you for choosing a Jumping Rivers course. We hope you enjoy the experience. If you have any questions before the course, please feel free to contact the course organiser before hand. Otherwise, please read the following points:

  • All of our courses require a laptop.
  • For onsite public courses hosted by us, we will provide power and wifi.
  • If you have made a private booking, please could you visit the suitable room page, to find out what we need from your room to make sure you get the best of the day(s).
  • So we don’t encounter any wifi issues, please consult the course pages below to ensure you install the necessary packages before the course.
  • Some of the packages are large - so please avoid the urge of leaving installation until the train journey or the hotel. If in doubt - ask!

R courses

Python courses

Stan courses